From Student to Nurse - Ebook

From Student to Nurse - Ebook

Congratulations! You've graduated nursing school, passed the NCLEX and now you're off to the big, bad world of professional nursing!


But, then there's assignments, assessments, paperwork, staffing challenges and a whole bunch of issues that nursing school didn't prepare you for and you're wondering if you can handle it all!


"From Student to Nurse" is the ultimate new nurse survival guide to help you transition from being a graduate nurse to a professional nurse and prepare you for the realities of professional nursing practice!


Inside, you'll find

  • Practical advice on how to search, apply, and interview for jobs 
  • Advice, tips, and models for crafting your resume and cover letter 
  • Advice to guide you through preceptorship, new nurse orientation, and independent nursing practice
  • Practical advice on dealing with challenges associated with professional nursing (staffing, communication, report handoff, delegation etc.)
  • Personal anecdotes about challenges I've faced as a new nurse in the same situations


This guide has over 90 pages of anecdotes, tips, and models to help you become comfortable and confident in your new role as a professional nurse!


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