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The Power of Failure

Let’s talk about failure for a moment.

A lot of times as healthcare professionals we try to minimize or sugarcoat failure. We should always be successful in every treatment, and every outcome, and every task we undertake.

But unfortunately life isn’t perfect. This can’t always be our reality. Treatment modalities fail, things don’t work the way we want them to, and sometimes things just go wrong.

I had to learn this the hard way: I’m a type A personality who measured success through passing. And not just passing, excelling. I always had to be top of the class and best in show.

Then I failed a test.

And then I failed a class - my last class for my ADN program by 0.2 points.

And it took everything I had to get the strength to get up and take it again.

But all in all, those failures made me the nurse and the person that I am today. Through failure, I learned to value success even more. I’ve learned that failure is a part of our journey and helps us to become stronger.

I think I learned one of the greatest lessons of all which is to FAIL FORWARD!

What does it mean to fail forward?

Failing forward means that when we do fail, we don't let those failures hold us back or cripple us. Instead we allow those failures to propel us forward and help us grow as people.

So to the nurses and HCPs who fail a test, may have to repeat a class, even fail the licensing exam, remember that those failures do not define you. What defines you is having the courage and the strength to get back up, go back, and succeed.

So this is me, reminding you to smile, even through your failures, because it will make your successes even more satisfying.

With Love,

Nurse Kay

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