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So You Want to Be an ER Nurse?

Hey nurse fam! Have you just graduated from nursing school and have no idea what you want to do? Are you a nursing student who is certain of their bedside goals but has no idea where to start? Or are you an experienced RN thinking of switching specialties?

I’m presenting to you: The Nursing Specialties! It’s a series where I collaborate with some amazing nurses here on Instagram who talk about their experiences in their specific specialties and advice to you all about how to enter the field of your dreams! I hope this series gives you a great insight into yourself and your career goals!

We’re starting with Stacey B.@botanicallybrutus, one of my favorite people in the universe. We met in our LPN to RN program (have known her for 7 years!) and became instantaneous friends. Together we have grown as professionals and people, but that bond of friendship has always remained intact due to mutual love, support, and shared faith. Stacey was and continues to be my #1 supporter with this blog - she helped create the name! Through all my fears and self doubt, she pushed me to make this space, supports me through and through! She pretty much sees most everything before I post it. She’s one of my besties and just a great example of what female friendship should be like!

Stacey is a ED nurse in the one of the top hospitals in the Houston, TX area. Her experience as an ED nurse is unique as she transitioned from LTC and psych to ED. She’s also a mom, wife, #nursepreneur- does lashes for those in the Houston area @wink.boss as well as a vegan plant mama! Check out her experiences below!


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