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Professional Organizations

Professional development and networking are as key in nursing as they are in any other profession. That’s why I’m a big supporter of nurses and nursing students joining professional organizations!

Personally, I’m apart of two organizations: Sigma Theta Tau, and NYSNA (my state nursing association and union). Through these organizations, I received information about issues and advancements on the forefront of nursing, been encouraged to further advance advocacy for the nursing profession, and met wonderful people who have encouraged my professional development. This year I'm also seeking to join black nursing organizations with a focus on advocacy and representation of women in color in the field of nursing!

Here’s some great reasons that you should join a professional nursing organization, nurse fam:

  • Education

  • Annual conventions

  • Networking

  • Certification

  • Targeted products and resources

  • Career assistance

So for your new grads, or nurses seeking to expand your network, the best thing you can do is find a professional organization relative to your field of study or your state nursing Association and join up!

Above I put some great benefits to joining a professional nursing organization as well as many of the nursing organization available to join. For nursing students, most of these organizations offer membership at a reduced cost!

Nurse fam, what nursing associations are you a part of? What benefits have you gotten from joining?

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