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Preparing to Enter the Nursing Profession


Hey nurse fam! This post goes out to the potential nurse fam waiting in the wings!

Is it your dream to become a nurse?

Welcome! We encourage you to wholeheartedly jump into the nursing profession! It’s the most trusted profession for 19 years and counting and is just waiting for someone like you!

But maybe you’ve asked yourself: How can I get into nursing? What do I need to do?

Don’t be nervous, don’t hesitate! We’re waiting for you to enter the profession and we know you’ll be amazing! Here are the tips to help both HS students and adult learners set their sights on one of the greatest professions out there!


Tips for HS Students

  • Maintain a competitive GPA and great SAT/ACT scores

  • Seek volunteer opportunities/shadowing opportunities in nursing homes, hospitals, health fairs

  • Get CPR certified

  • Join health related clubs and organizations such as HOSA etc.

  • Take AP courses to provide you with advanced college credit and get you through pre-requisites.

  • Research different high school programs. Some high schools actually give you the ability to complete LPN, CNA, MA programs while still in school.

Tips for Adult Learners

  • Gain experience in healthcare as a CNA, MA, or PCA.

  • Seek volunteer opportunities/shadowing opportunities in nursing homes, hospitals, health fairs or volunteer abroad.

  • Research schools and their requirements for entering the nursing program

  • Research tuition costs. Budget and prepare for nursing school to complete with minimal to no debt.

  • Maintain a competitive GPA, especially in the core nursing prerequisites (Anatomy & Physiology w/Lab, Chemistry w/Lab, Microbiology w/Lab, Psychology, Development Across the Lifespan, Sociology, Statistics)

  • Network with professionals in order to gain great recommendation letters

  • Learn your nursing entrance exam test content. Study for the entrance exam ASAP.

And for great help for potential nurses seeking to come into the profession, check out my ultimate pre-nursing planner "So You Want to Be a Nurse?"

With Love,

Nurse Kay

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